Success Stories of Spanish Participants. Ana Hernández

Ana is living in Güejar Sierra (a rural village in Granada). She is 30 years old and she worked as a secretary in an adult education centre until 2012 when she was fired from the company because of the crisis. Later she started to work in as shop assistant until August 2016. Nowadays, she has a part time job as babysitter.

During her job searching, she faced a lot of difficulties when trying to be adaptable and trainable, but the most important was that she didn’t have enough education to continue working as a secretary (she loves to work as a secretary).

When Ana started the course, she didn´t have any expectations from it. It was just a new experience where she could meet new people and find some new opportunities.

At the beginning, as said before, she had no expectation but after her first face to face meeting in a group she realized this course would have helped her to recognise her own strengths and weakness.

Ana realized that before the Job-Yes project, she had never thought about the importance of soft skills when finding a job. Nowadays, after the piloting of the Job-Yes training course she thinks soft skills are one of the most important parts in her new way of looking for a job. She rearranged her CV and wrote in it some references to the most relevant soft skills she developed, like being an effective communicator in verbal and written form, self-confidence, smart presence, trainability, punctuality, ability to use computers effectively… (thanks to self-need analysis).

Ana describes her experience as a nice opportunity to know herself better and to learn about soft skill to improve her job search. She thinks that the best part of the process was with the facilitator because the meetings were very interesting and useful for her. Concerning the tools, Ana said they were very useful but from her point of view they required too much time. However, she thinks that the tools are easy to use and very friendly; the information is easily understandable and usable in any moment during her job searching.

Ana says: “The meeting with the facilitator was amazing, the facilitator taught us how to use the e-learning platform and later in the next meetings, he helped us to better understand the results acquired during the Job-Yes project.“

What did you like most?

In my opinion the best tool is the Self-Need Analysis and the recommendation to write an Action Plan. This made me conscious about my weakness in relation with some important soft skills.

What was most interesting for you?

The most interesting thing for me was to prepare an action plan with the support of the facilitator. Making an action plan helped me to realise my ideas with the help of the facilitator and to think about my next steps. 

What was most useful for you?

All the tools were very useful to me. I found very interesting the OERs suggested by the system after the self-need analysis

What was new for you?

Developing and improving my soft skills to facilitate job search, together with the necessity to evaluate myself. Furthermore, I think that all the tools –that were new for me- were helpful.

Ana thinks that this course was a helpful professional experience because: she believes that Job-Yes is a nice course to improve competences; she is very happy about the project because it project helped her both on the personal and professional level.

The main achievement of this course to Ana was that now she is ready to continue her job searching through the participation in some language courses as planned in her Action Plan.

The main success is that now Ana is again motivated to look for the job she wants, after a complicate period in her life.

Ana wants to improve her profile with some language courses in the future. She’s going to study English and French for the next 6 month to acquire at least a B2 level in both of them. Ana also wants to improve her communication skills as she thinks that they are necessary to work as a secretary. Moreover, she said that Job-Yes is a nice opportunity to know yourself better and to improve your soft skill requested in several situations of life. Furthermore, she also said that she will recommend this course to her friends and family because she thinks it could be very helpful to them.

Finally, Ana recommends the Job-Yes experience to all the unemployed as they will find new opportunities to work and conceiving innovative ideas. 


The interview was carried out by the facilitator of the training: Francisco Javier Morales Luque, Defoin. 

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