Why self-need analysis of soft skills is important for me?

When you're seeking employment, you will be successful only if you have necessary professional skills together with soft skills (people skills) which plays very important role during the job interview and at the workplace. The employers are seeking for candidates with both types of skills when hiring for most positions. For example, the employers would like you to:

  • be able and prepared to act as a team player meaning not only being cooperative, but also displaying strong leadership skills when necessary;
  • be flexible meaning that you are able to adapt to any situation no matter what's thrown at you;
  • be able to communicate effectively meaning that you have articulate yourself well, be a good listener and use appropriate body language;
  • be able to solve problems and find necessary resources when unexpected issues inevitably arise;
  • accept feedback and apply lessons learned what fosters professional growth;
  • be self-confident and also have the knowledge and skills to support self-assurance;
  • be able to think creatively what is invaluable and drives innovation and increased efficiency.

The absence or low level of soft skills means in general that if you can't get along with others, don't have a positive attitude, can't work well as part of a team, and aren't able to think creatively and critically you may not successfully improve your employment situation (including getting employed or starting own business) no matter how talented you are.

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