The Knowledge portfolio

What is the Knowledge Portfolio

The Knowledge Portfolio (KP) is a very important and valuable tool to collect learners’ achievements in development of their own competences and soft skills obtained through lifelong learning process during formal, non-formal and informal learning. All information stored in the Knowledge Portfolio can be upgraded during and after each learning process. The Knowledge Portfolio is also very helpful for development of the learner’s CV as well it can be used for further validation of the obtained competences.

Here we suggest you to download (as a .doc file for printing and /or saving, e. g. on a hard disk or a flash drive) the Template for the Knowledge Portfolio, which consist of 3 main parts used to collect information of your skills and competences gained:

  • Part I. School and formal education (school levels, university education, basic vocational education, etc.).
  • Part II. Work experience (including permanent employment, part-time employment, temporary work, work placements, holiday jobs and side-jobs, transitional year, freelance work, etc.).
  • Part III. Non-formal and informal learning (including knowledge, experience and skills acquired through mass-media, spare time activities, hobbies, voluntary work, memberships in various organizations and clubs, in your private life and/or through implementation of different tasks/activities in your family (unpaid activities) etc.).
!!! Instructions for downloading will be given to you at the end of this page so please continue to read about the Knowledge Portfolio. 

After downloading the template of KP you could fill in the Part I, II, and III of the Knowledge Portfolio with the achievements you already have had prior to the training in Job-Yes course. You also can get advices about how to fill in KP from the adult educator/facilitator in the Adult Education Centre. 

How does the Knowledge Portfolio work within Job-Yes non-formal training course?

This Job-Yes non-formal training course starts with performing self-evaluation by using the Self-Need Analysis tool which helps you to self-evaluate the level of your soft skills (see the picture below). According to the results of the Self-Need Analysis, you can attribute your high level skills to the Knowledge Portfolio Part III and improve the lower level skills by doing the suggested Exercises based on Open Educational Resources (see the picture below). After you have improved your skills, you are encouraged to do the Self-Need Analysis again. If the result of repeated the Self-Need Analysis still shows you the list of the low level skills and you want to improve them by the end of the Job-Yes training course,  we suggest that you include this list of your low level skills into the Action Plan (see the picture below) and to think about the further learning activities that would help you to improve them. 

Job-Yes non-formal training course allows you to analyse the level of your skills and to upgrade them by performing the Self-Need Analysis and the Exercises based on OERs as many times as you need. After you have completed the whole training, we recommend you to add high level skills (evaluated higher than 7 points) to the Part III of the Knowledge Portfolio document Non-formal and informal learning (see the table below):

Your steps to fill in the Knowledge Portfolio (Part III)

Step 1.    Self-assessment of the level of your skills and competences by using the Self-Need Analysis tool

It is recommended to start with the assessment of your skills and competences by the Self-Need Analysis tool (see the picture above). If you have done it already while learning in the Job-Yes non-formal training course and you are satisfied with the results of the level of your competences and soft skills, you can include your soft skills rated higher than 7 in the Knowledge Portfolio document.  

If you have got the automatic suggestions to improve your skills after you have completed the Self-Need Analysis, you can start upgrading them passing to Step 2.

Step 2.    The process of upgrading the level of your skills and competences through the Exercises based on OERs 

Having completed the tasks on Step 1 you are already aware about skills and competences essential for the labour market. Also, you have printed and / or downloaded two documents:
1) The Self-Needs Analysis results with information about four competences: your level of each competence, the list of your high-level skills within this competence, the list of your medium- level skills within this competence, and the list of your low-level skills within this competence
The Exercises based on OERs recommended for you to perform in order to upgrade your medium and low level skills.  You can access those exercises by using the self-learning tool the Exercises based on OERs (see the picture above).

​Step 3.    Self-assessment of the upgraded level of your competences and skills

After you have completed successfully the recommended Exercises based on Open Educational Resources, we suggest you to go through the Self-Need Analysis once more to assess the level of improvement of your skills. Then you can add those competences and skills which level is already higher than 7 to the Knowledge Portfolio Part III.  You should  put the list of the soft skills you still have to develop (their level being lower than 7) to the Action Plan (see the picture above) for the further learning. 

Step 4.    Filling in the Knowledge Portfolio with the skills and competences obtained during Job-Yes non-formal training course

Instructions provided in Steps 1, 2, and 3 give you an overview of self-learning process in Job-Yes non-formal training course. You can fill in the Knowledge Portfolio Part III with your achievements in developing your own soft skills as well as the key competences obtained yourself or together with your facilitator. The template of  KP is provided as a document for further downloading to your PC. You are able to store all necessary information about your learning experience including formal and non-formal in the Knowledge Portfolio. You are able to upgrade  KP during any learning process at any time later.

In a nutshell

As you have already read these instructions you are aware about the Knowledge Portfolio and the steps you have to take within Job-Yes non-formal training course. Please download the template and fill it in by yourself or together with your facilitator. After downloading, you can start with Step 1. If you haven’t completed the Self-Need Analysis yet, you can do it by clicking here.

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