Learner’s guide

The aim of the Learner’s Guide is to introduce the learning process of the non-formal Job-Yes training course which is addressed to people who want to increase their soft skills related to employability.  

No registration for the training course is required. It is based on the open access and self-reflection.

This online Job-Yes training course can be completed individually:

  • Autonomously  (self-directed);
  • With the support of adult educator/facilitator through an adult education organisation.

The Job-Yes training course is based on the easy to use online learning tools: the Self-Need Analysis; the Knowledge Portfolio; the Exercises based on Open Educational Resources; the Action Plan for Learner (see the scheme below).

  • Start to analyse your soft skills by using the Self-Need Analysis (see more).
  • Report your learning achievements by using the Knowledge Portfolio (see more).
  • Improve your soft skills by completing the Exercises based on Open Educational Resources (see more).
  • Plan actions for future development of your soft skills by using the Action Plan (see more).

Here is a full version of the printable document - the Learner's Guide.

You are now ready to begin your journey with the Job-Yes training course!  Let's start! 

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