Learner's Guide. The Action Plan

The Action Plan is a valuable tool to define the next steps to improve your employment possibilities, like organising an active job seeking, starting own business or proceeding with further formal education and non-formal training/learning in order to improve your competences and skills.

The Action plan will help you to focus on your needs and expectations related to integration/re-integration into the labour market by defining the concrete goals and ways to achieve them.

Within the Job-Yes non-formal training course after performing the Self-Need Analysis, you could get the list of your low level soft skills, which you have to develop.  Thus, it is suggested to you to include this list of your low level skills into the Action Plan “Part I. Education” and to think about the further learning activities that would help you to develop them.  

The detailed instruction on how to work with the Action Plan is provided within the tool.

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