Success Stories of Latvian participants. Artjoms Krupko

Artjoms Krupko, Latvia, secondary education, no specialisation.

Lived in the capital city of Latvia, and has spent 8 years doing different odd jobs abroad (in Sweden and England), so he can speak Swedish, Russian, and English. 

A few years ago, Artjoms moved from Riga to a smaller city in Latvia. There, he faced difficulties with finding a job. Artjoms has an unusual baggage of skills; he speaks Swedish, English and Russian well, but he doesn’t have any other specific skills which are popular in the job market of rural areas. He wanted to find a job and use his strengths, his language skills, but it was like a mission impossible in his rural area. His skills don’t fit into the rural area labour market. So Atjoms decided to take part in the Job-Yes online course, as he had heard about it from the National Employment Agency.

Artjoms is a very communicative person and he didn’t like working alone on a computer. It was hard for him to find a good time, place, and attitude for completing the  individual tasks such as: ‘Self-need analysis’, OERs, ‘Action plan’, and ‘Knowledge portfolio’. He likes carrying out tasks verbally rather than in written form.

Throughout the entire training process, Artjoms met with his facilitator more than six times in face to face meetings, analysing results and progress; this was Atjoms favourite part. In these meetings, he talked with facilitators about all the unclear issues. In meetings with his facilitator, Artjoms showed slow but permanent improvements.

Job seeker’s evaluation of the facilitator's work: Artjoms worked with the facilitator Ainars Iesavs. Ainars helped him throughout the whole learning process; he gave him samples of how to resolve technical issues, and explained the situations and any unclear questions. At the end of the learning process, the facilitator suggested to Artjoms that he undertake extra professional learning courses in order to obtain some qualified skills. After this learning course, Artjoms decided to step into professional training courses, in welding.

The interviews were carried out by the training facilitator: Ainars Iesavs, VPIC.

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