Learner's Guide. The Self-Need Analysis

The Self-Need Analysis is an informal and interactive tool to assess the level of your soft skills related to employability. You will have to self-evaluate 48 soft skills by rating them from 1 – very low or no skills to 10 – very high skills. 

 Approximately 50 minutes will be needed to complete the Self-Need Analysis.

Once you have answered the 48 questions, you will receive results:

  • the list of your high level soft skills (evaluated higher than 7 points), which you can place to your Knowledge Portfolio;
  • the list of your low-developed soft skills (evaluated less than 7 points); thus, you will be advised to complete the Exercises based on Open Educational Resources, which will help you to improve your soft skills. You could also put the list of the low level soft skills (evaluated less than 5 points) to the Action Plan in order to work towards developing them in the future.

The detailed instruction on how to work with the Self-Need Analysis is provided within the tool. 

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